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On today’s episode, an old high school friend joins me to share his newest creation- Ryan Frost is a Massachusetts Maritime graduate who spent his college years working on big ships, on which he built upon his passion for fitness and athleticism. Having always had a passion to teach, lead, and be…(Read More)

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Today’s episode follows my Open Letter to the Weight Watchers’ Teen Program released over the last few weeks. Dietitians around the world were outraged at the marketing towards what we consider a vulnerable population. Please note: this is not an attack on the Weight Watchers program. We acknowledge that we may not know all…(Read More)

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005: Start in The Gut


Today, we talk about one of my favorite topics- the gut and gut health! You may be hearing a lot about this subject as it becomes more and more known and studied- and for a good reason. We can literally influence our health and emotions with the foods we feed our gut. We’ll get…(Read More)

Today, I talk with Holistic Health Coach, Hannah Campbell, owner of Whole Food Whole You. Hannah believes in a functional approach to wellness. In her practice, she seeks to uncover and consider the cause of a person’s disease and how it relates to their symptoms and eventually, their treatment plan going forward. Sound familiar…(Read More)

In this episode, Nate Witkowski, creator of The Warrior Lifestyle, joins me to talk all things next level, making an impact, and venturing out on your own. As a former college athlete, Nate shares his lessons on hard work and outworking the rest. His mindset is so powerful and one we could all benefit to…(Read More)

What in the world am I doing?? I find myself saying this at least multiple times throughout the week. It is exciting and scary all at the same time. If you’ve been keeping up with me, listen to today’s Checkup to hear about the real life RD process and how the plans have…(Read More)

Welcome to my first official podcast! On today’s episode, we talk about where I’ve been since returning from North Carolina, plans for the future, and the adjustment from #RDtoBe to a [R]eal [D]eal RD 😉 This is a quick check up and I look forward to talking about anything you want to…(Read More)