Checkup 002: What in the world am I doing??


What in the world am I doing??

I find myself saying this at least multiple times throughout the week. It is exciting and scary all at the same time. If you’ve been keeping up with me, listen to today’s Checkup to hear about the real life RD process and how the plans have taken a 180. If you haven’t, here’s an insight into a girl who refuses to settle for mediocre. Keep up if you can!

Show Notes:

3:47 – What its like to be a RD/ process of how to become RD
5:45 – The scariest day of my life
7:58 – Being on the inside of a broken system
9:00 – Second guessing – is this right for me? Now what do I do?
10:49 – Functional medicine – the game changer
12:35 – New me
13:56 – She who politely declines job interviews
15:34 – Fast forward to today – what am I doing?
17:14 – I Inc’d..
18:55 – I just jumped out of the plane and I am in the middle of the sky…the most petrifying and exhilarating thing I’ve done to date.
20:07 – People are more than their disease.
21:30 – My love/hate relationship with social media. Shout out @shanepacheco
24:36 – I find my name. Current sitchiation. What’s to come.