004: The Emergence and Importance of a Health Coach with Hannah Campbell


Today, I talk with Holistic Health Coach, Hannah Campbell, owner of Whole Food Whole You.

Hannah believes in a functional approach to wellness. In her practice, she seeks to uncover and consider the cause of a person’s disease and how it relates to their symptoms and eventually, their treatment plan going forward. Sound familiar?

In today’s podcast, you’ll hear the word “functional” said again and again, as you also may have noticed in the title of this podcast. The word “functional” relates to the way in which something operates, of or having a special purpose. As Hannah and I divulge into our conversation, you’ll understand more of what exactly is “functional nutrition” or “functional medicine” and what it means to take a “functional approach to wellness”.

You’ll also hear the type of person Hannah believes would benefit from a health coach and who her ideal client is to work with. I also pull some tips from her to share with you guys that can get you feeling better tomorrow if you implement them. Stay tuned for her definition of “health”, which speaks to my soul. I hope you enjoy our conversation, let’s dive in!

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Show Notes:

Meet Hannah – 12:30
How we got here- “A Pill for Every Ill” – 13:15
How can a health coach help you “cut through the overwhelm”? – 20:13
Who needs a health coach? – 24:50
Hannah’s ideal client – 28:20
Things you can start doing tomorrow to feel better – 30:55
Hannah cannot live without…. 36:06
What does health mean to you? 38:35
Free Fresh Start Challenge for you – 40:20