“I believe food is the most powerful form of medicine. I believe food should be fun and nourishing and I believe in working with your body. I believe that you can feel good again.”

-Amanda Rigby RD, LDN. Owner of HealThy Self Nutrition, Inc.


The diet that is right for you has no name. I know you’ve tried everything because I was you. It was not until I stopped working against my body that I learned I was in control of how good I could feel.

I also know you don’t feel well. That’s why you’re here, right? No one seems to understand why you’d rather stay home, or why it takes you so long to get ready. You don’t recognize yourself anymore. You’re tired of waiting for answers. Most importantly, you just want to feel normal again.

Finally, I know you’re confused. There’s A LOT of information out there. How are you supposed to know better? What to believe? Who or what to follow?

You can trust me.

As a Registered Dietitian with a focus on functional nutrition and addressing the underlying cause of disease, I work to build therapeutic partnerships with my clients to offer an individualized approach to health.

I view the body as an interconnected system. I work hard to choose foods and supplements that support your body’s systems and allow them to work together to heal.

You won’t find a more detective-like health care provider. I’m in your corner.

My approach is patient-centered, evidenced based, and deeply rooted in scientific research. By focusing on identifying the root causes and imbalances within the body—rather than just treating the symptoms—we are able to significantly improve your health outcomes.

Stop dieting. Start living. Discovering the root of the issue is possible.

Let’s do this together. Once and for all.

Amanda Rigby is a Licensed, Registered Dietitian specializing in functional nutrition. She is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island Nutrition and Dietetics Program and completed her Dietetic Internship in Hickory, North Carolina.

Amanda holds certifications in Integrative and Functional Nutrition as well as Child and Adolescent Weight Management. She continues to stay up to date with Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition education through her enrollment in the ADAPT Academy and the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy.

Amanda is the host of the podcast It’s a Functional Life, where she provides info on the latest science, trends, and features many guests who embody healthy lifestyles as they provide their own insight to the ever-popular question: “what is health?”

Amanda partners with health professionals around the country by implementing customized wellness programs that benefit both the patients and the practice. She believes patients should have access to recommendations for healthy living and products that promote optimal wellness from their trusted health professionals. By providing health professionals with science-based nutritional interventions, revolutionary technology, wellness-based education systems and trained implementation consultants, Amanda is working to change the face of health care one health professional and one patient at a time.

Through her partnership with Hope & Main, Amanda hosts many seminars and talks on a wealth of topics, featuring speakers from all over the country, of a multitude of professions. Be sure to check the Events section for where she’ll be next!