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005: Start in The Gut


Today, we talk about one of my favorite topics- the gut and gut health! You may be hearing a lot about this subject as it becomes more and more known and studied- and for a good reason. We can literally influence our health and emotions with the foods we feed our gut. We’ll get into that.

On this podcast, I’ll share with you:

-my favorite mind blowing facts about the gut

-foods and approaches we can take to support the health of our “gut bugs”

-things we can reduce or avoid in order to best provide a healthy “garden” for the gut bugs to flourish

-things you can start to add or take away from your lifestyle TODAY so get you feeling your best

Show Notes:

Your gut garden- 1:30

Gut facts- 101 2:18

We are what we absorb- 4:38

Acne, bloating, depression, oh my!- 6:57

What can you do?- 7:30

The 4 R Approach- 8:05

Check in with yourself- 16:00