Checkup 003: Nate Witkowski


In this episode, Nate Witkowski, creator of The Warrior Lifestyle, joins me to talk all things next level, making an impact, and venturing out on your own. As a former college athlete, Nate shares his lessons on hard work and outworking the rest. His mindset is so powerful and one we could all benefit to learn from. On this episode, Nate gives tips to create a thriving environment to set you up for success for the day, how to earn a second degree with just 10 minutes a day, and beautiful places to travel to outside of the US. He talks about his decision to leave corporate America behind and what is to come with his entrepreneurial journey. Be sure to give him a “like” and subscribe to his Youtube channel where he puts out killer, motivating content each week!
instagram: @nate_wit24
twitter: @nate_wit24
Youtube: Nate Witkowski
Snapchat: natewitkowski

4:00 Who is this guy?
7:50 Keep your day job
10:30 Nate’s daily strategy
14:25 10 pages a day
18:00 Travel and its impact on health
20:45 “Set the date” – leaving corporate America
29:10 Plans for the future