Amanda Rigby RD, LDN. Functional Medicine Specialist

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Amanda is a Licensed, Registered Dietitian with a focus on functional medicine. This means she works to address the underlying cause of disease and creates an individualized, therapeutic approach to one’s health. She is the founder of HealThy Self Nutrition, Inc., a virtual private practice specializing in gut/GI disorders. By focusing on identifying the root causes and imbalances within the body, rather than just treating the symptom, Amanda is able to significantly improve your health outcomes.

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Amanda is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island’s competitive Nutrition and Dietetics program. She completed her dietetic internship in Hickory, North Carolina out of Lenoir Rhyne University where she completed over 1400 hours of supervised practice and was able to sit for the national board exam. She is currently enrolled in the ADAPT Academy out of the Kresser Institute for Functional Health Professionals.

Amanda has also spent years as a health coach and fitness instructor, helping hundreds of people reach optimal levels of well being. She provides a simple, realistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle – minus the dieting. Her passion lies in educating the public on health and nutrition, making the information relatable, understandable, and doable. Most importantly, Amanda works to empower people to take back control of their health.

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