Interested in nutrition counseling but unsure if you’re ready to completely commit? Create a list of your top 3 symptoms, questions, or goals and we’ll dive in! Our appointment will take place over the phone. There will be no charted notes provided.

virtual nutrition counseling registered dietitian


Are you looking for tips on improving digestion?
Want to learn how to get rid of bloating?
Confused about which diet you should follow and if it will work for you?
Don’t know where to turn with all of the nutrition information on your news feed?
Looking for natural ways to detox your body?
Which foods to eat?
Seeking advice for a family member or friend?


Let’s talk about it. Remember, healing IS possible. It does take time. Plan on leaving our session with a to-do list, and give it a few months until you are comfortable in your new habits. Then, if you need more help – or support – schedule again.

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