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007: Creating Fitness Habits with Ryan Frost


On today’s episode, an old high school friend joins me to share his newest creation- Ryan Frost is a Massachusetts Maritime graduate who spent his college years working on big ships, on which he built upon his passion for fitness and athleticism.

Having always had a passion to teach, lead, and be an entrepreneur, Ryan’s passion resides in helping people stay in shape anywhere with whatever equipment (or lack thereof). He has made it his mission to provide people with free health and fitness content through this online platform. provides free information on fitness, workout programs, and nutrition along with corresponding videos to follow along with at home. Ryan and FitnessHabits hope to serve high schools, colleges, and the every day person in an effort to get in shape and make fitness a habit.

On our episode, we talk about creating habits related to fitness without adding another thing to our days, why people have a hard time creating habits and sticking to them, becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, and his hopes for how FitnessHabits can help anyone.

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Show Notes:

2:40 Meet Ryan

5:58 The birth of Fitness Habits

10:00 What is ?

12:45 The vision for Fitness Habits

17:00 Small habits that make a big difference

20:45 Why do you think it’s so hard for people to create habits?

29:10 You’re too comfortable. Why we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

35:00 Fitness Habits launch

40:00 Not made for the 9-5

46:00 Alaska Tales

51:45 What does health mean to you?