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Bags are packed. All shoes, jewelry, children are accounted for. Didn’t forget the toothpaste this time. Nice job. You throw a protein bar in your purse. “That’ll hold me over”. Get dropped off at the airport. Cue chaos. Whether it’s getting through TSA in one piece and in time, debating whether it…(Read More)

If you’ve been online recently, you’ve seen the blow up of this bright green drink only to realize its juiced celery. Spoiler alert: it’s kind of old news, we’ve been using it in practice for decades. Did you know there was a celery soda made in the 60’s to help…(Read More)

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2018 was an amazing year. It was a year of listening to stories, connecting the dots, and walking the journey towards optimal health with small, manageable changes that yielded HUGE results. Many of my patients have gotten off medication they were told they’d be on for life. That is life.changing. Both physically and…(Read More)

In an effort to optimize our environment, the things we ingest and experience daily, we cannot neglect taking a look at our water supply and investing in a quality filtration system. Why? Tap water is treated with a large number of chemicals in order to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. In addition, it may contain…(Read More)

I know you’re trying. You’re trying to eat as best as you can. Perhaps you’ve given up some of your comforting foods in an effort to relieve your symptoms. Maybe you’ve tried a handful of supplements. Yet still, the symptoms are there. You continue to be bloated, fatigued, constipated.   I…(Read More)

Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts Try this powerhouse side dish that not only will help boost our digestive process, but also show our liver some love. In order to best process and detoxify our bodies, we need to support and love on our liver with the foods we eat daily. This dish provides phytonutrients and chemical…(Read More)

Which Eggs Should I Buy?


Wowow there are a lot of new terms on these egg cartons nowadays, am I right?? Maybe I never thought too much of it? Is it just like all the other marketing of food products- a.k.a. does it matter?! Short and sweet, it does matter. And it definitely can be confusing. I used…(Read More)

Leaky Gut


Have you been told you have “leaky gut syndrome”?  You’re experiencing symptoms of bloating, constipation, gas, discomfort, dehydration.  Your mood is all over the place and you cannot seem to stay focused.  Perhaps you have a skin issue that is just not going away. Have you been told a pathogen, toxin…(Read More)

Why You’re Bloated


Your pants don’t fit by the end of the day. You are soo uncomfortable after you finish eating. You feel like you’re 6th months pregnant. Intimacy? No way. “Not when I feel like I have a balloon in my belly.” Feelings of discomfort, like you don’t recognize yourself are more than frustrating…(Read More)