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Ways We Can Work Together in 2019


2018 was an amazing year. It was a year of listening to stories, connecting the dots, and walking the journey towards optimal health with small, manageable changes that yielded HUGE results.

Many of my patients have gotten off medication they were told they’d be on for life. That is life.changing. Both physically and financially.

Many of my patients were able to gain clarity through the overwhelming noise of food and nutrition, developing lifelong habits that allow them to grocery shop, go out to dinner, travel, or cook for their families without fear, guilt, or confusion.

Many of my patients experienced breakthroughs that were much bigger than the foods they ate – physical and emotional breakthroughs that brought them to a place of peace and contentment in their daily lives.

Most importantly, my patients were heard. They were not looked at as part of a protocol, as the disease they had, or as the number on the scale. I believe this is why the changes happened.

2019 is the year of YOU.

You deserve to feel your best, to find that person you know is inside of you.

You deserve happiness, health, to get rid of those pesky symptoms keeping you from living your best life.

You deserve to be heard. To get answers.

You deserve to understand your body, become in tune with what it needs, and how to properly nourish it. To end the years of the back and forth, the self-loathing, the depreciating behaviors.

You deserve to heal.

I am excited to share the ways we can work together toward your goals this year.

I am also taking the year to learn from my personal mentor in the space of online courses. I can no longer watch people try and try but be failed by the current healthcare system. This platform will enable me to reach a multitude of people at the same time, allowing me to reach my goal of changing the face of healthcare.

If you believe the time is right for you to prioritize yourself and your health, that you are worthy of feeling your best, here are ways that we can begin this journey together:

Become a new patient: I currently have a handful of spaces open for 1:1 patients. Read more to see about my process and what being a patient looks like.

Ask Amanda: If you are unsure if you are ready to commit, but want to begin the conversation? Schedule an Ask Amanda call. Plan on leaving our session with a to-do list, and give it a few months until you are comfortable in your new habits. Then, if you need more help – or support – schedule again.

Speaking Engagements: I’ve had a fun year of speaking in the corporate setting about all things wellness. Did you know the majority of large employers that offer health benefits today offer wellness programs in an effort to promote employee health and productivity and reduce health related costs? #MajorWin. Connect me with your wellness coordinator/manager and I’ll give you a “lunch and learn!”

Individualized Nutrition- Genetic Testing: As I continue to study the field of nutrigenomics – how our food choices interact with our genes, I utilize the Gene SNP DNA Analysis tool that can pinpoint your unique gene variations and show you how those variations are affecting your body. Instead of never knowing whether you have a risk variation, Gene SNP DNA Analysis helps identify both risk and protective variations giving you personalized recommendations. From there, we are able to put together a personalized game plan for your diet and lifestyle based on your genes. This is what I call “test, don’t guess”.

Group Classes:  Coaching group classes for the past 6 years is where I found my true passion. The energy and relationships grown in this setting is truly transformational on more levels than one. Grab a partner and choose from a virtual or in-person 12 week class. The class is presented in an educational framework, with topics ranging from metabolism, reading labels, hormones, low glycemic eating, body composition, grocery shopping, food as medicine, root cause of disease, and more. It is my 7+ years of nutrition education in an easy-to-understand-and-apply format.

Holistic Healing Retreat: the newest addition to the lineup! Join me and fellow holistic RD, Rachel Pelisson for a 3 day retreat in beautiful Newport, RI for an intimate weekend about YOU. We feed you, teach you, and give you all things health and healing with some amazing guests, cooking demos, meditation, yoga class, even a Shamanic healing journey. Together, we’ll get to hear more about your story, dive into ways you can prevent or reverse chronic disease in your household, and uncover the blocks holding you back from your best self. You won’t get this kind of experience anywhere else.

I look forward to working together.