Thrive Market – What’s in the box?


It feels as if Christmas comes every few weeks when a Thrive Market box is delivered to my doorstep. Not only does it include my tried-and-true favorites, but the company usually throws something new in to try. I highlighted some of my favorites in this past month’s haul on my #Instagram Story. It was only up for 24 hours and I know a lot of you were asking so here it is in print!

First, what is Thrive Market?

Thrive Market is an online market for organic and natural brands but most importantly, like a Costco. A.k.a. super cheap and discounted. #SignMeUp. You can trial it for 30 days but otherwise, it is $59.95/year ($5/month) to take advantage of the wholesale pricing. No brainer for me, give it a try!

What’s in the box? Why do I buy these particular things?

The photo I highlighted on my latest Instagram story included a pretty usual haul for me. I utilize Thrive for most of my butters, oils, packaged products, nuts, dressings, quinoa, spices, and ingredients. Here’s a list of what was in this last box and the benefits of each product. Be sure to let me know your favorites if you use them as well!

  • Turmeric powder – organic, non-GMO, contains curcumin which is full of antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory.  Best paired with black pepper for better absorption. Anything that helps fight inflammation is included in my days. Add it to soups, smoothies, rice, season roasted veggies, add to an avocado or salad.
    turmeric, healthy self nutrition
  • Garlic powder – organic, non-GMO. Garlic is proposed to aid in immunity, reducing cholesterol, and aiding in blood pressure. While raw garlic is best for these things, garlic powder is a good alternative to salt as it has 6mg of sodium per tbsp. I use it to season just about everything.
    organic garlic powder, healthyself nutrition
  • Cashews – contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Contain all the good fats, which can help with weight loss/maintenance. Have even been linked to cancer prevention and help prevent gallstones. They are also a good replacement for dairy in recipes as they have a sweet, creamy texture. Stay tuned for recipe- Yum!
    cashew, organic, non gmo, healthyself nutrition
  • Coconut aminos –  I use these in place of soy sauce. They don’t contain any soy and give you the benefits of a coconut – heart health, reduce diabetes risk, reduce cancer risk, strengthen immune system. The list goes on.
    coconut aminos, organic, non gmo, healthyself nutrition
  • Avocado oil- has a very high smoke point, meaning you can cook things at high heat (grilling, roasting) and the oil will not go rancid or change its chemistry for the worst like many others. I cook with this oil and drizzle extra virgin olive oil on top of things once they are cooked.
    avocado oil, organic, non gmo, healthyself nutrition
  • Bone broth – ah, one of my most favorites because it is a #gutloving product. Bone broth is rich in minerals that support the immune system by healing your gut lining. Also anti-inflammatory, help you look younger (thanks, collagen), and increase bone strength. I cook with it instead of water when making quinoa or rice, drink it warm in the morning, and use it as a base in soups.
     organic, non gmo, healthyself nutrition, bone broth
  • Quinoa– the supergrain ** You must incorporate this into your diet ASAP. It is a complete protein, contains lots of fiber, iron, lysine, magnesium, and B vitamins. Promotes blood sugar control. I use it as a base of my infamous bowls, throw an egg on top of it for breakfast, add it to salads. It has completely replaced rice for me.
    quinoa, organic, non gmo, healthyself nutrition
  • Ghee – grass fed, clarified butter, meaning there is no lactose or casein. #HoldTheDairy. Ghee is known to promote brain health, is rich in fat-soluble vitamins, anti-inflammatory, and helps in supporting healthy insulin levels. It has a high smoke point so it is stable for cooking. It tastes like butter, but better. All around win. #IPutThatIshOnEverythaaan
    ghee, organic, non gmo, healthyself nutrition
  • Soap & lotion with made from plant extracts/essential oils – The products I use on my body are cruelty free and do not contain synthetic fragrances that may mess up the fragile hormones I’m trying to balance. These pass the test here, plus they smell and feel good.
    organic soap, non gmo, healthyself nutrition
  • Collagen peptides –  I have not used these before, but have been seeing and reading more and more about them lately so I decided to add them to my pantry. Collagen is what makes up our connective tissues and skin so it aids in bone and joint health as well as healthy skin. It’s been studied to help with arthritis and to reduce inflammation in the gut, helping with digestion due to its glycine content.  You can add the powder to cold or warm beverages and gain some added protein to your day.
    collagen peptides, organic, non gmo, healthyself nutrition

That concludes the haul from this time around!

Cut to The Good Stuff:

  • Thrive Market products are at wholesale cost.
  • They are always running a promotion of some sort and like I mentioned above, throwing some fun things in for free.
  • Everything usually ships within 2 days or less.
  • All shipping over 49$ is free.
  • Each of your orders are archived for easy re-order for individual products.
  • The page can be utilized to follow a particular diet/food allergy/food preference (paleo, vegan, gluten free).
  • You can register for free and get 15% off your first purchase. After that, you’ll begin a 30 day trial.  If you like it and are finding you’d save a lot of $$, you can join for 59.95/year ($5/month) which also sponsors a low-income family, teacher, veteran, or first responder’s subscription. *You can cancel at any time.

Real Talk:

I’ve saved over $400 during the past year of utilizing Thrive. My orders usually contain 15-25 items and have never totaled over $120, usually only $50-70. Always free shipping and always super fast delivery. I’m definitely spending way less than I do going to the grocery store and it’s high quality stuff. #AmandaApproved

Have you tried Thrive Market? Leave a comment below with some of what’s in your haul!


Until next time,