I call this part of my life “jumping”.

It’s not too different from the past twenty something years as I continue down the ‘road less traveled’, but I feel the nerves as if this is brand new. Though in this case, it is.

Deciding to go into private practice has been my end goal since beginning my dietetics career. I didn’t move through 5 different universities to not end there, to not work for myself, to not practice what I believed. But instead, to get people healthy once and for all on my terms. I cannot go into a broken healthcare system, be tied to outdated protocols and attempt to thrive in a place of sickcare, rather than healthcare.

I just didn’t envision it would start today.

I’ve struggled with the mental battle of taking a job to play it safe but I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey long enough to know there is nothing safe in a job where someone else determines your days. I plan on working per-diem to keep my clinical skills fresh and to continue building relationships with like-minded health professionals but otherwise, this is a journey of my own.

I’m running purely off passion for changing healthcare, love for food, whole-body transformations both inside and out, and a collaboration of care with health professionals who want to get to the root of a person’s complaint or disease. And I know that will be enough.

I am equipped with the best support system both personally and professionally. I am eternally grateful for everyone who has been there as I navigated through the extensive process of becoming a RD pursuing Functional Medicine. Those who said, “I know this is hard but you’re tougher”, and “keep going” when I was at my wits end. The professors that fought for my place in the program and my acceptance into the “Hunger Games”. Those who unknowingly played the biggest role in my personal resilience by showing me what life can look like if you jump and on the other hand, what it can look like if you do not.

If you’ve followed me or had a conversation with me, you know I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction and that nothing happens by accident. I believe we meet people for a reason. I believe we’re placed in a room, in a moment that will begin the cascade of events that follow. I believe every day, every book, every breakdown, every meeting, every phone call has placed me in this situation. Life has lined everything up and I have to trust this is the move it has pushed me to make.

I was made for this moment. There has been no other time but now to build my dreams. Thank you for being part of my journey thus far, we’re just getting started.


Stay tuned,