National Coffee Day- Add the Butter?


If you know me and have seen me drinking coffee over the past year, you probably had to do a double take. Truth is: I don’t like coffee. I know it has health benefits, but the taste is not for me.

If you have seen me drinking coffee recently, you know my instant response is “only with butter!!” – to which you do another double take.

Coffee with BUTTER???

Okay, okay, so first off- I’m using Ghee, a clarified form of butter. Meaning there is no lactose and full of healthy omegas and numerous vitamins and minerals. Omegas= help inflammation, regulate DNA production, and help cells talk to each other. It is also packed with CLA, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium, and potassium. Ghee helps nourish hair, skin, and helps to protect our organs. The main reason I use it is for improved brain function (trying to be a superhuman).

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The idea of adding butter to coffee is not new, actually. It has been popularized by Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Diet but can be traced back hundreds of years to the people of the Middle East.

I’ll cut to the chase- it tastes BETTER. Adding Ghee to coffee will add a froth like no other. I’m talking 2-3 inches worth. It is creamy and delicious.

As opposed to grabbing a coffee from the drive through and adding sugars and flavorings, which will result in a blood sugar spike then a crash, opting for Ghee will create a released stream of energy without the rebound hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Aka- no grumpy, hangry, low energy.

Not to mention, the additional vitamins, minerals, and brain power are pretty cool too.

I blend mine with brain octane oil for additional brain power benefits. I repeat, I am trying to be a superhuman.

Take home tips: Make sure your choice of fat is grass-fed and organic. Blend your mixture of coffee + ghee in a blender for the most creamiest, awakening cup of coffee to start your day. Take over the world.


To your health and superhuman powers,

xo Amanda

coffee, keto, paleo, bulletproof