What to Look For in a Weight Loss Program


Back to the Basics

I spent my fair share of time dieting, following every “weight loss” trend as they came out, doing cardio for hours a day everyday, and was exhausted. Not only that, but I was doing serious damage to my metabolism. It wasn’t until I began seeking education about nutrition and wellness that I learned the big “secrets” to losing and maintaining weight. Funny thing was, they weren’t big secrets. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill or shake. They were the basics; things we knew. The diet that is right for us has no name.

What to Look for In a Program

There are dozens of diets out there. In my course of study, I feel as if I see a new one every week. It’s also hard to keep up with “new findings” of things we once believed were good for us now pose a threat and vise versa. The bottom line is, companies have very good marketing teams and we are vulnerable human beings when it comes to our weight. When looking for a guided program and a kick start, you need to look for a program that:

  • is comprehensive. One size does not fit all when it comes to losing weight
  • promotes FAT loss and overall body composition as well as weight loss
  • teaches education for lifetime sustainability
  • has science based supplements
  • certifies their coaches through series of courses and qualifications
  • provides 24-7 support tools
  • provides a superior accountability system
  • focuses on behavior modification


Fighting the Obesity Epidemic One by One

After trying what felt like every possible diet in the books,  I was told I had to stop dieting. What?? All I’ve ever known was counting things and driving myself crazy over “good” and “bad” foods. The only thing you can do is forgive yourself and your body for past habits and actions and make the decision to move forward toward a healthy lifestyle. One that balances a colorful, full diet, enjoyable exercise, proper supplementation, and a positive mindset. This four-pronged approach will ensure success over your lifetime- not just for a few months.

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