People Who Will Get Ahead in 2017


The last few weeks of the year are always the most reflective for me. It feels as though I was celebrating the upcoming 2016 year yesterday but then again, like forever ago.

It has personally been a big year for me in the sense of (finally) graduating with a Dietetic degree, landing a seemingly impossible internship, moving 1000 miles away from my family, boyfriend, and friends, developing new business partners and relationships, blogging/vlogging, and setting the pace for how I want the next few months to pan out – to name a few. I am most excited to start the 2017 year because I know it has a lot more changes in store for me.

What I am sure of is how fast the time will pass, just as it has this year. When we look back this time next year and reflect on what we accomplished in 2017, will we be proud? Could we have done more? Did we reach all our goals and then some? Are we in the same place we are right now? I also am sure none of us enjoy settling for mediocre lifestyles but only some of us break free from them. This is my list of 10 qualities of those people- those people who will get ahead in 2017

1. Those who talk nicely to themselves– our mindset controls much of what we do. A negative mind will never create a positive, abundant life. Those who start here will put themselves above many other people, will react better to failures, and will exhibit resiliency.

2. Those who wake up and practice gratitude- Instead of reaching for our cell phones first thing in the mornings, taking a moment to reflect on what one is grateful for on that day sets the pace for a different day ahead. Gratitude keeps us humble, appreciative, keeps us happier and healthier, increases productivity, and even attracts people to us.

3. Those who practice self-care– Whether it’s treating yourself to a massage or facial, simply taking the time to do a skin care regimen every morning or night before bed, exercising, a detox, working with a circle of wellness professionals, etc. Those who hold themselves and their wellbeing as an importance despite life’s crazy demands will surpass other people in almost all areas. You can’t pour from an empty glass.

4. Those who fund a Shopping Annuity– Unlike a typical annuity from a bank, you don’t have to invest a large sum of money to get started. If you could build an annuity by using the dollars you spend on items you’re already buying, what are you waiting for?

5. Those who fuel their bodies with nourishing sources of food- A balanced, colorful plate will not only be appreciated by your body, but you will have an increase of brain function, mood, and energy. You will spend less time sick and depressed and have more time to accomplish all of 2017’s goals.

6. Speaking of goals…those who have their goals written down and placed where they can see them daily– There is a psychology to writing things down, especially when it comes to goals. Here you are able to not only identify exactly what you want out of the new year, but visualize it. Harvard did a study and found that those who wrote down their goals made 10x as much money as those who did not.

7. Those who say “yes” to life- Those who are open to unknown, to adventure, to new relationships will experience more and place themselves ahead of others physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

8. Those who give back- There are many emotional rewards to giving. The gifts we give can be physical or simply a smile or compliment. On the journey of success, those who give are better trusted, more sought out, and approachable. Wouldn’t you want to be known for these qualities if you were in business? What goes around comes around.

9. Those who bring others with them- Those who make the biggest impact are not those who go it alone but rather, those who lock arms with others, lift them up, and bring them on the journey as well. The efforts of 100 committed people beat 100% of one’s own efforts.

10. Those who read 10 pages of a book each day- Small, manageable changes lead to our biggest successes in life. Consider how much you could learn or educate yourself if you read 10 pages each day, or 3,650 pages each year. That’s a lot of material! It is known that the most successful people read books. Lots of books.


What do you think will get you ahead in 2017? What’s your favorite on this list? What would you add?


To a prosperous, happy, healthy 2017.

Until next year,