What Your Cravings Are Telling You


Okay okay. I know what you’re thinking. You know I’m about to give you some healthy alternatives to the boxes of cookies or cupcakes you’re daydreaming about.

Here’s the thing with giving into cravings. They come back, don’t they? It’s kind of like putting a band-aid on- a temporary cover up. Cravings for sweets, salts, meats, and cheeses are very common. You are not alone here. What we have to do is get a little deeper as to why they happen and how we can nip them in the bud once and for all.

This is an effort to develop a healthy relationship with food, to stop demonizing specific foods, and not be so consumed by the thought of food.

Try this first:

  • Survey your surroundings. Are you in a place where food is staring back at you? Do you have foods in your pantry “just in case”? In order for us to not be consumed by the thought of food all day, get these things physically out of the way.
  • Most cravings we have stem from a slight dehydration and can be fixed with a glass or two of water. Try this first and if the cravings persist after a half hour, here’s what may really be going on:

Sugar cravings– have to do with fluctuating levels of blood sugar within the body. This can actually be cured with sources of chromium, phosphorous, and tryptophan.
Sources of these foods: broccoli, cheese, beans, chicken, dairy, nuts, sweet potato, spinach.

Chocolate cravings – magnesium. ~80% of us are lacking this mineral, which may be why we all seem to be such chocolate fiends.
Sources of magnesium: nuts, seeds, fish, leafy greens

Red meat cravings– may indicate low iron. This is very common.
Sources of iron: beans, legumes, figs.

Cheese cravings: fatty acid deficiency.
Sources of fatty acids: salmon, flaxseed, walnuts

Salty food cravings: chloride. I suggest throwing some Himalayan pink sea salt on things because it is unrefined and unprocessed.
Sources of chloride: tomatoes, lettuce, celery, and olives.

Fun fact: Did you know that protein also helps to reduce alcohol cravings??

Bottom line:

You’re less likely to crave ravenously, overindulge, or “cheat” if you allow yourself a variety of foods. As always, moderation is key. Salty and sugary foods are actually increasing your cravings more and more. Cravings will subside when you are eating a balanced, colorful diet so try these few foods when you notice you’re ready to take down Charlie and his chocolate factory.