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Back to the Basics I spent my fair share of time dieting, following every “weight loss” trend as they came out, doing cardio for hours a day everyday, and was exhausted. Not only that, but I was doing serious damage to my metabolism. It wasn’t until I began seeking education about nutrition and wellness…(Read More)

An article has surfaced from the NY times unveiling the not-so-glamorous light of the tv show The Biggest Loser. Now I will admit reality tv is a guilty pleasure of mine and that I do watch each season, but I can’t watch in support. The article outlines a typical “day on the…(Read More)

Cauliflower Grilled Cheese Saw this recipe on the Morning Show the other day and was like, “no way can this be good”. Not much beats a warm grilled cheese and tomato soup on these seemingly endless snowy, winter days. But we had a head of cauliflower begging to be made into grilled cheese. Within…(Read More)