September Book Club


I’m always reading something. Depending on the day, I’m either fueling my inner nerd, my heart, or my financial mind. I was surprised that I read 5 books this month mid-adjusting to a new, busy lifestyle but then again, I know books are an outlet for when I feel too frazzled.

The Secret- Rhonda Byrne.

This is a staple on my bedside table. I  will read a few pages before bed every night, despite how many times I’ve read it before. This book focuses on building a positive mindset and its effect on achieving happiness, health, and wealth. They’ve also made it into a movie- check it out!
Amanda rating: 10/10. Easy read. Leaves you with tools to utilize in everyday life.

Eat Fat, Get Thin- Mark Hyman, MD.

This book explores research on fat playing a key role in weight loss and overall health. Contrary to previous years’ belief of demonizing fat, this book seeks to prove achieving optimal wellness includes eating good sources of fat on a daily basis. Anything that tells me I don’t have to give up eggs (or bacon) is on my team.
Amanda rating: 9/10. Easy to understand, fascinating new research.

If You Feel Too Much- Jamie Tworkowski.

Another stable on my bedside table. I’ve read it dozens of times because it is an easy, engrossing read. It’s like a friend who understands you, however you may be feeling. With it being Suicide Awareness Month, it was more fitting to remind myself of the importance of my place and worth in the world. This book is raw, vulnerable, and reminds us that it’s okay to feel that way too. You’ve heard me talk about this innumerable times, read here for more.
Amanda rating: 10/10. Everyone coming out of the womb should come equipped with this book. Short chapters so it’s easy to read a few passages and walk away feeling something.

The Power of Broke- Daymond John.

We know Daymond from Shark Tank or FUBU as an incredible entrepreneur. I was able to talk with him at our company’s convention last year and was given his new book. It’s a great story of coming from nothing, being knocked down, but becoming one step closer to a goal with each defeat. He uses stories and examples of other entrepreneurs to provide realistic advice, lessons, and tools you can start using tomorrow on the pursuit of following your passion, building a brand or a business.
Amanda rating: 9/10. Humble, great empowering examples. A great call to action.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, Jack Thorne.

You didn’t think I wouldn’t stay up to date with Harry even though its been 15 years since we first met! The series was my childhood and I was curious to see what was in store for my favorite fictional character. The book is a two-part stage play so it is easy to read and visualize. It was fun to be taken back to that world again. I do feel like it was quick and definitely different than the 800+ page novels I used to read, but I think I just enjoyed reliving the story line.We meet Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermoine’s kids and follow them through their experience at Hogwarts, which doesn’t prove to be too conventional due to having infamous parents. Spoiler alert: we get to see Voldemort again.
Amanda rating: 6/10. Not your expected HP series, but it’s not necessarily meant to be. Easy read being in a play format, I think I finished it in between 2 busy days. If you grew up with Harry, you need to see what happens next!


I would suggest each of the above books for anyone looking for something to read this month. Whether you want to feed your inner nerd, child, entrepreneur, or heart- these are some good picks.

Let me know what I should add to my list for the remainder of the year!