Birthday Reflection 2015



The days slow down when your birthday is around the corner but the year between each one seems to fly by. This was a big year for me in all aspects of life; love, loss, family, success, set backs, health, first times, new friends, opportunity. Every day was different, exciting and challenging in its own way. These are a summation of what I feel were the most important lessons I learned over the year.

Self love.

When I fell in love with myself, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy or anything that kept me small. You must let go of all things that no longer serve you or force you to compromise yourself. It took me a little while to step back and see that I wasn’t reaching my full potential by being held back by things that weren’t necessarily toxic, but not right for me. You have every right to create a positive, safe space for yourself.

The secret of life is the law of attraction.

Your everyday thoughts are powerful. What you focus on with your thought and feeling is what you attract into your life. You are 100% able to change your emotions with a single thought. What you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.

Goals with deadlines and dates attached happen.

This is something I was taught when I began being mentored. Like anyone else, I dreamt of health, a beautiful family, home, and lifestyle. The difference between dreaming and achieving those things are defining specific goals and mapping out what you have to do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly to achieve them. It is scary how things began to manifest by the dates that I assigned to my goals.

Say “yes” to life.

Fun, love, happiness, and opportunities are everywhere. You never know where something will take you, who you’ll end up meeting, or what you’ll learn from an experience. Take chances, buy a plane ticket, get up and go, try somewhere new. Saying “yes” means you are accepting something, good or bad, which will put you at peace. “Yes” to the twists and turns in your life so far: large and small; good, bad, and indifferent; past, present, and future. “Yes” to random emotions, desires, and needs that you feel. Say yes to being alive. Yes to life. Yes to owning your life.

Entrepreneurship will set you free

I became an entrepreneur before I even knew what the word meant. What first enticed me was the ability to not have to work for another person’s success. When I began to develop my entrepreneurial mindset through books and successful people, I became addicted to the power that I found I was capable of. Discover your passion and find a way to make money with it. If you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to build theirs. Entrepreneurship is the future, join me 🙂

Formal education will make you a living while self-education will make you a fortune.

I’ve always loved to read and learn but when I learned that those who read make 60x more money than the average American, I made it a daily task. My mindset has completely changed and I’m learning more and more about myself as I apply what I learn daily. College has provided me with more challenges than I anticipated, but luckily I am in a field I love so I continue. Outside of classes, I attend seminars, webinars, and events that train me on being a leader, setting and achieving my goals, and how to better myself in all aspects and it has made a world of a difference.

Empowerment. Surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.

Strong, successful people build others up. I am on a mission to unveil the potential in people that they may not see. I owe everything I am today to my mom who never once discouraged me from any decision I made, whether it was leaving schools, packing up and moving again and again, dying my hair, or buying something I “haaaad” to have. I also owe my mentors for all that I have become. Being able to learn and be around millionaires, CEOs and VP’s of companies, successful people in the marketing, health, and investing industries, and people who live the lifestyle I envision have given me more knowledge than I could learn elsewhere. Thank you for believing in little me and bringing me along on your journeys.

Momma knows best.

Like most daughters, I heard what my mom would say to me but was quick to shrug it off or thought I “knew better”. WRONGO. I’ve watched her be right too many times for my ego so now I’m paying closer attention to what she says. Mommas have our best interests in mind, don’t forget it (even when she sounds crazy).