Birthday reflection 2016


I love looking back at the things I learned as each year passed and find myself staying true (most of the time) to the things I preach. This year was full of any and all emotions and happenings. It was challenging, exciting, scary, unknown, but amazing to see how things fall into place and work out. To name a few, I received the position I fought like the Hunger Games for, achieved my 5 year degree in Nutrition and Dietetics (finally), spoke in front of 35,000 people, traveled the world for 35 days straight, expanded upon my passion for food and wellness, removed myself from all toxic relationships, and am now purchasing a one-way ticket out of my hometown. Hello 23.

To my younger self and anyone else who needs to let go and let life happen, these are some of the main things I took away from this years lessons as I work towards maintaining a happy, balanced life.

Goals in stone – plans in sand. You know me and goal setting. Writing down and visualizing your goals has a large effect on the outcome of your life. What I had a hard time with was constantly having to reorganize myself because things “weren’t where they should be” or moved too quickly, skipped a step, etc. that I had planned in order to reach a certain goal. Having concrete goals is necessary but the path to get there can’t always be mapped out. Life happens and sometimes you have to rewrite or take a different turn to get to the end goal. Be okay with this. You do not have it all figured out.

Allow yourself to feel every and all emotion. There’s a time and place to put on big girl panties and act like you have everything together but the more important time and place is when you take a second to step back and understand your feelings. Heart week is a must for everyone at anytime you see fit. Getting to the root and source of my emotions, both good and bad, has opened my eyes to things I may have otherwise overlooked.

Don’t give up on you. It’s easy to let life get ahead of us, we’re busy. The first thing that people tend to neglect or put aside is themselves. Make it a point to keep yourself pampered/healthy/exercised despite life’s busy schedule. Ensuring that you’re taken care of first will provide a better performance on your part towards all of the people and things we live for.

Make travel happen. This year, I said yes to any and all traveling. I was hungry to see places outside of the smallest state in the US. Whether it was by car, plane, or train, the memories made exploring new locations are irreplaceable. Money will always be made. Time and memories aren’t as easy to obtain if you’re working yourself to death.

Know the hardest days are only 24 hours. When I realized my track record of surviving days that seemed harder than most was 100%, I knew I could take on anything.

Do not settle – even if its easy, comfortable, what you ‘should be doing’. If it doesn’t make you happy (or make you money) – leave it. You are in control of your happiness and life.

Choose and exude love. Love the crap out of everything. Let people know what they mean to you. Love people for where they’re at. Love yourself for everything you are today and everything you will become. Become the love you search for. The world needs more of this.

Be here now. It’s easier said than done to live in the moment and fully embrace everything around you, but it changes everything. Finding appreciation in the little things, pausing to live each moment, soaking in every sunset or every flavorful bite of your favorite food makes a difference in how you see the world.

There is light. This past year was full of seemingly endless tasks and hurdles to jump before I felt like there was any hope in achieving the end goal. Things weren’t moving fast enough, my muscles were taking their time growing, my course load seemed detrimental. Sometimes you have to put blind faith into the end goal and know that it’s there- maybe hiding behind a few things, but it’s there. Just keep swimming.

I’m excited to see what this year has in store for me. Thanks for being part of my journey.