5 Reasons You Should be Supplementing


5 Reasons You Should be Supplementing

There is a common misconception with the word “supplements”. An image that may quickly come to mind may be of the super gym-goer and buckets of protein powder. Or maybe we see them as unnecessary because we eat “healthy”. I was one of those “I don’t need that” people, feeling invincible and believing I could get everything I needed from food. Unfortunately, it is no longer an argument to have. We undoubtedly are lacking and deficient in multiple areas and in need of proper supplementation for optimal health. Here’s my top 5 reasons why:

  1. Soil Depletion
    Our plants are grown on the same land over and over. Nutrient content  = decreased. Plants then sit on trucks, shelves, and counters before consumed. Nutrient content = decreased. (PS. Beware of pesticides – grow some of your own fruits and veggies!)
  2. Low Cal = Low Nutrient
    We’ve tried the low calorie way to lose weight, focusing on number value over the quality, whole foods. Low calorie diets = fewer micronutrients. Eating less = malnourishment.
  3. Grain-fed Meat and Dairy
    Animals that are fed grains become malnourished. The dairy found in the grocery store pride themselves on being “low fat”, which is where the nutrients are. Pasteurization destroys some of the nutrients.
  4. Hello Toxins and Stress
    We’re exposed to more toxins than ever. Our bodies fight against physical plastics, molds, cleaners, lighting, as well as mental stressors and a lack of sleep. You could be eating a great diet but cannot outrun the hundreds of unnatural stress brought upon our bodies.
  5. Exercise
    Exercising depletes energy reserves and uses nutrients for recovery. We also create free radicals during exercise, which are harmful to the cells, muscles, and even DNA. 

Today, we’ve disguised supplementation as a luxury when it is, in fact, a necessity at different levels for people. Start by checking your blood work, taking a NutriPhysical questionnaire to assess your diet, habits, and lifestyle, and take your own pulse (not literally 😛 )

How do you feel when you wake up in the mornings?

When does your energy start to fade?

Do certain foods make you feel a particular way?

How often do you use the bathroom?


Stay tuned for my top must have’s as well as my favorite brand of supplements!